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Goody® Start.Style.Finish.™ Suction-Cup Mirror   

Only Goody brings you the Start.Style.Finish. Collection so you can finally get the best results from your styling routine. Your hair has different needs when you start out with wet strands, when you style with heat and when you smooth and finish a dry style. Select a tool from each step and you'll see your best results with Goody Start.Style.Finish.

Step 3: FINISH. Magnify your style with Goody! The Goody Start.Style.Finish. Suction-Cup Mirror has 10x magnification to let you see up close and personal. Sticks easily to a bathroom mirror or other surfaces for easy makeup application, eyebrow grooming and more.

Product Features:
• Great for makeup and more
• Suction cup sticks to bathroom mirrors and more
• Small size is ideal for travel

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