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Goody® Simple Styles™ Faux Bob Kit   

These new kits feature all the essentials to help you achieve beautiful hairstyles simply and effortlessly. Upgrade your braid, get beach waves, or try one of our innovative styling tools, such as the Spin Pin and the Faux Bob Maker. Each Goody Simple Styles Kit also comes with instructions and inspiration on how to achieve a certain look on the pack, with just 3 easy steps.
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  • SimpleSylesFauxBobHead1
    Step 1: 

     Gather hair into a ponytail and pull through the middle of the faux bob maker.

  • SimpleStylesFauxBobHead2
    Step 2: 

     Roll the bob maker under, wrapping your hair around it until you have reached your desired bob length.

  • SimpleStylesFauxBobHead3
    Step 3: 

     Clip each side of the bob maker at the hair line behind your ears. Pin any loose strands with bobby pins.