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Goody Boutique Hair Tie Bracelets, Gold Bracelet with Assorted Soft Modern Elastics, 7 count   

The Goody Boutique Hair Tie Bracelets help keep you looking stylish while carrying your hair ties. Easy to use, the hair tie wraps around the bracelet – doubling as jewelry and a hair tie holder. With this fun accessory, your wrist stays comfortable and indent-free. Stay chic anywhere you go with the included unique fashion elastics to pair with the bracelets.

Product Features:
• Comes with 2 bracelets and 5 hair ties
• Bracelets double as jewelry and hair tie holders
• Each hair tie features unique details and colors
• No need to worry about uncomfortable hair elastics on your wrist
• Wear alone or pair together to accessorize

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  • United States
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