Goody Trolls Fashion Bow Headwrap, Reversible, 1 count, Purple   

Have a hair-ific day just like the fun characters from the animated movie Trolls! The Goody Trolls Fashion Bow Headwrap helps you stay stylish while controlling bangs, flyways and loose hairs. Comfortable enough for all day wear, this reversible headwrap features a pretty Trolls pattern with a cute bow detail. The double-sided headwrap lets you show off a different print so you can create a trolltastic look every day

Product Features:
• Trolltastic hair accessories inspired by the DreamWorks Trolls movie and toys
• Headwrap has fun Trolls pattern with a bow detail for extra style
• Reversible with a different print on each side for 2 looks in 1
• Headwrap helps to control bangs and flyaways
• Comfortable for all day wear

Where to Buy Product
  • United States
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