Simple Styles Fountain Flip   

The Goody Simple Styles Fountain Flip allows you to add volume and bounce to your ponytail in just three simple steps!

Product Features:

• Includes easy-to-follow three step instructions for achieving a full, voluminous ponytail style
• Available in light and dark hair colors to blend in with your hair

Where to Buy Product
  • United States
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  • Simple Styles Fountain Flip Step 1
    Step 1: 

    Gather hair in a ponytail at the crown of your head.  Wrap elastic around two times. Allow comb to hang down under ponytail.

  • Simple Styles Fountain Flip Step 2
    Step 2: 

    Using one hand, hold end of ponytail up. Hold comb in opposite hand, pull the comb straight out and away from your head. Rotate comb up over ponytail towards head, insert teeth through ponytail above elastic.

  • Simple Styles Fountain Flip Step 3
    Step 3: 

    Slide comb back and down into your hair behind the elastic. Flip your ponytail back over for a full ponytail style.