Simple Styles Twisty Comb   

The Goody Simple Styles Twisty Comb allows you to easily achieve three trendy twist styles, giving you the power to twist things up like a pro! Simply twist your hair and secure it with the Twisty Comb for a trendy side-twist ponytail, updo twist or half-up twist.

Product Features:

• Includes easy-to-follow, three step instructions for achieving professional twists every time: side-twist ponytail, updo twist and half-up twist
• Available in light and dark hair colors to blend in with your hair
• Contoured in design for ultimate comfort

Where to Buy Product
  • United States
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  • Simple Styles Twisty Comb Step 1
    Step 1: 

    Gather your hair in a low side ponytail. Twist your hair (up and over) towards your ear creating a secure twisted ponytail.

  • Simple Styles Twisty Comb Step 2
    Step 2: 

    With other hand (comb curved side up), insert comb into back side of twist and slide towards ear on ponytail side.

  • Simple Styles Twisty Comb Step 3
    Step 3: 

    Rotate comb across twist pushing curved side down. Slide comb underneath twist towards nape of neck.