Simple Styles Modern Updo   

The Goody Simple Styles Modern Updo allows you to easily upgrade your updo! Simply twist, slip and flip the Modern Updo for a super secure modern French twist in seconds.

 Product Features:

• Includes easy-to-follow three step instructions for achieving a professionally perfect top knot, triple spin and half-spin style
• Available in light and dark hair colors to blend in with your hair
• Remains hidden in your style
• Ideal for short or fine hair

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  • Simple Styles Modern Updo Step 1
    Step 1: 

    Twist your hair into a bun, tuck your ends. (no ponytail holder needed)

  • Simple Styles Modern Updo Step 2
    Step 2: 

    Insert pin up through the outside of your bun. (make sure the contour shape of the pin is facing away from your head)

  • Simple Styles Modern Updo Step 3
    Step 3: 

    Flip pin up and then press down into bun to secure your style. (the updo pin stays hidden in your hair)