QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush   

NEW! The Goody® QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush: It's like a towel and brush in one! 

The Goody QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush offers the same water-removing benefits of the QuikStyle Paddle Brush in a new styling shape. Super absorbent microfiber bristles interact with wet hair like a towel removing 30% of water, while the half-round shape makes it the perfect blow-out brush. Use it out of the shower to detangle, remove excess water, and style with or without a blowdryer. The convex half-round shape allows hair to curl around the microfiber base, removing water while adding lift and body as you blowdry. The Comfort-flex grip and slim profile offer ease and control during your styling routine. Go from wet to beautifully styled hair faster than ever!

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    How to use: 

    Use the paddle brush as you would use your usual brush.  To help speed your styling routine, the brush is designed for detangling wet hair, quick removal of excess water and styling with or without a hair dryer.

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    How to dry: 

    The brush will air dry following use.  A blast of hot air from your hair dryer will speed the drying of the microfiber bristles.

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    How to clean: 

    Gently run a wide tooth comb through the bristles to remove excess hair, then wash the bristles with warm water and shampoo.  To refresh the microfiber bristles, turn the brush over and tap the back with the palm of your hand.

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    The microfiber bristles are protected by antimicrobial properties to keep the brush fresh.