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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Direct from Goody?

Unfortunately Goody does not sell anything direct.  Our products can be found at most discount, drug and grocery retailers.  In order to find a retailer in your area, please visit the Where to Buy section of our website.

If you are a company wishing to purchase directly from Goody, please contact our Account Service team at 1-800-526-1182.  Credit references check and opening order minimum of $5,000 applies to all new accounts.  Smaller accounts can contact our business partner, L&R at 718-272-2100 for ordering information.

Can I obtain money-saving coupons from Goody?

Goody does not currently issue coupons directly to consumers.  The best way to locate special values on our products throughout the year would be to check your local newspaper ads, inserts and in-store circulars created by your local Goody retailer.

Do your products contain latex?

This depends on the individual product as some of our products do contain latex.  Please contact consumer relations for specific information.

Does Goody donate product?

Newell Rubbermaid's Investing in Community philanthropic program is designed to support 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that meet our strategic guidelines and follow our application process, which requires passing an eligibility test. The eligibility test determines if there is a match between the applicant's funding needs and Newell Rubbermaid's giving criteria. Only those requests submitted via the online application process will be reviewed. If you would like to request a donation from Newell Rubbermaid for an upcoming event, please complete the Eligibility Test and Application. You may also email additional questions to community@newellco.com.

Why aren’t your products made in the USA?

Like many other companies, Goody has had to compete in the highly competitive retail marketplace by being focused on the cost to develop and manufacture our products. Which means Goody continually investigates opportunities to manufacture our products in countries, including the US, which will allow Goody to manufacture highly quality products at a great value to our customers and consumers.

Why do you discontinue a product?

Goody usually discontinues a product due to declining sales.  To be successful, retail stores must refresh their shelves and offer a product mix that will stimulate sales. Goody must continue to develop new products on a regular basis to meet store and consumer demands.  This leads to the discontinuation of older products that are not selling well to make room for the inventorying of new products.  Current product information is available throughout our website.

Can I buy specific colors in bulk?

Goody does not sell items in bulk.  All items are sold in packages with predetermined quantities.

Why do you change colors?

We closely monitor color trends in the marketplace and strive to offer products that align with consumer color preferences. We conduct surveys several times each year to detect changes and strong trends.  You may be sure that we will introduce accessories in new colors as soon as the demand for these colors becomes greater.

How do I clean my brush?

It is highly recommended to clean a brush by removing the hair and debris that can accumulate on the bristles with a dry cleaning method of using another single bristle brush or comb. Wide-toothed comb or rat tail combs are great for removing matted hair.

You can wash it periodically after removing the hair and debris by dipping the brush bristles into lukewarm, soapy water then gently scrub the brush bristles clean. Never totally immerse the hair brush in soapy water and do not use detergents, shampoo, oils, spirits, or solvents directly on the hair brush. To dry, just shake the hair brush to get rid of the excess moisture and let air dry. Don’t try to dry the brush with a towel because the towel fibers may get entangled in the brush bristles and destroy the shape of the brush bristles. If a hair dryer is used to dry, use caution so as not to place extreme heat that can damage the rubber, nylon, plastic, and natural (boar) hair bristles pads, and handle because the heat can warp and damage the hair brush. It is also important to keep hair brushes with natural bristles out of direct sunlight due to the damage UV rays can causing in degrading the natural bristle.

How often should my brush be replaced?

On average, brushes should be replaced every 1-2 years, but this depends highly on the amount of usage and the hair type the brush is being used to style. Individuals with thicker hair may “wear” out the brush bristles faster than an individual with thin hair. Also the type of brush being used and with what accessories the brush is being used with can greatly affect the brushes longevity, for instance using a round brush with a hair dryer. Round brushes usually have the shortest longevity due to their use with hair dryers and the heat that degrades the brush’s bristles over time. These round brushes can sometimes be replaced every year.

Is the gel in the handle of your brushes harmful to humans or animals?

The gel in the handle of our brushes is rated as “food-grade” gel and is not harmful to humans or animals.

Why do you change colors?

We closely monitor color trends in the marketplace and strive to offer products that align with consumer color preferences. We conduct surveys several times each year to detect changes and strong trends.  You may be sure that we will introduce styling tools in new colors as soon as the demand for these colors becomes greater.

Are all Goody Heat Styling blow dryers 1875 watts?

Yes, all Goody Heat Styling blow dryers are 1875 watts.

Are Goody Heat Styling products available outside of the US?

Goody Heat Styling products are not currently available outside the US.

Do all Goody Heat Styling products turn off automatically?

Our current product assortment includes blow dryers and curling irons. Only curling irons feature Auto Shut-Off while our blow dryers must be turned off manually.

How can I prolong the life of my hairdryer?

As a rule of thumb, taking care of your dryer helps extend the life of your dryer. After use, always store your dryer in a dry, cool place. Keep the filter free of lint, hair, dust or any other materials that may cover the vent. Keep all openings free of foreign objects. Always unplug the dryer after use and keep the cord free of tangles.

How do I care for my new Goody Heat Styling product?

Your Goody Heat Styling product is virtually maintenance free. No lubrication is needed. Keep heated surfaces clean and free of dust, dirt, and hair products. If cleaning becomes necessary, unplug the appliance from the power source and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. If the cord becomes twisted, untwist prior to use.

How do I register my new Goody Heat Styling product?

In order to qualify for Goody Heat Styling’s three-year limited warranty you must register your product within 30 days of the purchase date either by mail or by the Product Registration form online.

How do I reset the dryer?

Here is how to test your safety device:

1. Press the reset button on the ACLI device.
2. Press the test button. The reset button will pop out. This verifies that the safety device is operating property.
3. Press the reset button to reactivate your ACLI safety device.
4. Your blow dryer is now ready for use.

My appliance is no longer under warranty. Can I still get it repaired?

Goody Heat Styling does not have a repair facility. However, if your product becomes defective while under the three-year limited warranty, we will replace the product free of charge. For more detailed warranty information, please consult your Goody Heat Styling instruction manual.

My appliance is not dual voltage. Can I still use it abroad?

Do not use your Goody Heat blow dryers in countries with 220.240 volt electrical systems; use only with 110/120 volt electrical systems.

Please explain the safety plug and how it functions.

All Goody Heat blow dryers come with an Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ACLI) safety device built into the plug. This safety device is designed to make the dryer inoperable under some abnormal conditions, such as accidental submersion in water. The ACLI safety device is equipped with a test button so that its operation can be checked. The dryer should be tested before each use to confirm that the safety device is operational.

What is the warranty on Goody Heat products?

For three years from the date of purchase, Goody Products warrants that this product is in good working condition and free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accident or misuse.

Where and how should I store my Heat Styling tool?

When not in use, your dryer should be disconnected, allowed to cool and stored in a safe, dry location, out of reach of children.

How can your dryer be faster when it has the same wattage as other dryers?

The wattage of a dryer actually has nothing to the do with the level of power a dryer has. Wattage is a term that describes the amount of electricity that flows into your dryer from the outlet. Flash Dry’s Pro Speed Fan allows for 2’x the airflow of traditional dryers.

How does the "Max Speed Button" work on the Flash Dry blow dryer?

Simply press in the Max Speed Button to activate the highest speed setting available.

The box mentions that the dryer will dry my hair 35% faster than the leading dryer*. What setting should I use to get the fastest blowout possible?

To achieve the fastest drying time, turn your dryer to High/Hot and turn on the Max Speed Button by pressing the button in. This combination of heat and power will deliver 35% faster drying.

What are the benefits of the Flash Dry Pro Speed™ Fan?

The Pro Speed Fan maximizes the power of the Flash Dry blow dryer to help deliver the fastest, smoothest drying experience possible.

What is the benefit of SmartTemp's 10 heat settings?

SmartTemp's 10 heats settings allow for a truly customized blow out. Lower heat settings may be used on fine, delicate hair whereas higher heat settings can be used for thicker, coarser hair.

Here is a quick guide for finding the right temperature for your hair type:

1. Warm:  Gentle Heat for Sensitive Heads
2. Smoothing:  Use the cool shot button for the last :15 seconds along with setting 2 to lock-in smooth styles
3. Fine Hair: Perfect blowout-heat for fine hair
4. Diffusing: Diffuser for long-lasting curls
5. Volume: Flip hair over while drying for volume
6. Waves: Scrunch hair with setting 6 for loose waves
7. Straight Hair: Ideal for straight hair
8. Blowouts: Concentrate for smooth, frizz-free blowout styles
9. Speed: Powerful fast drying
10. Fast Dry:  Ideal for Thick Hair types

What temperature would you recommend I use for my particular hair type?

Here is a quick guide for finding the right temperature for your hair type:

Settings 1-3: For gentle waves and fine hair
Settings 4-5: For medium hair types
Settings 6-8: For thick hair types
Settings 9-10: For curly/coarse hair types and tighter curls

Why does SmartTemp have a heat control dial?

SmartTemp’s heat control dial allow for you to comfortably change the heat settings on your dryer without having to worry about doing so by accident as you style your hair.

Can I use my curling iron abroad?

The Wave Creator curling iron is designed for house-hold use only. Use on alternating current (60 hertz) only. It is designed to be operated at 120 volts A/C. Do not use a voltage converter on this product.

How do I use the small clip on the Wave Creator curling iron?

Using the Wave Creator curling iron’s Easy Curl Clip is easy. Simply clip the ends of your hair and twist.

How hot does the Wave Creator curling iron get?

The Wave Creator curling iron’s max temp is 410 degrees.

Is there more than one way to use the Wave Creator curling iron?

Yes! You can use your Wave Creator curling iron two different ways. You can use it as a traditional curling iron by clipping the ends of your hair and winding up towards the crown or you can use it as a wand by pointing the iron down and winding the hair down the barrel, holding the ends of your hair on the tip of the iron.

The red light on my Wave Creator is blinking, what does this mean?

The red means that your product is working! Your curling iron will blink every time you turn on your product or adjust your heat setting until it reaches the specified heat setting. When you see a solid red light it means that your product is ready for use.